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Some pictures of Lund

Here you will find some pictures of Lund, showing a bit of what the city can offer visitors at a glance.

[Main square]
The main square in Lund, the oldest square in today´s Sweden, established in the tenth century.
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At this place, called Arendala located east of the city, the pre-medieval counties hold their court or assembly meetings from the 970th until 1100th century. This old hill, called Lerbäckshög , was the place for the Scanian court assembly from 1100th until 1600th century. The small hill is located nearby the monument to the battle in Lund.
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At this place , at the north transept of the Cathedral, the first Christian church in Lund was built about mid-970th. During an excavation some graves were found, and the wood in the coffins were dated about 979-980th. This is the ruin of the first Cathedral in Lund, called Drotten like king or ruler. The Cathedral, which was rediscovered in 1980s due to an excavation, was probably also the first archbishop-church in Scandinavia when Lund became a Episcopal seat in 1103.
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The walls of the Drotten church are marked in the pavement. The largest wooden stave church ever found in the Nordic countries; the east Kattesund-church is marked in the pavement.
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This street is called Adelgatan and is one of the most beautiful and most photographed in the old quarters of Lund. Once, some students got the idea to plant crocus in the park Lundagård , in a letter pattern of R Ö V, which is a quit bad word for bun in Swedish.
Every year on the 15th of June, the danish flag Dannebrog stands at the medieval archbishop Anders Sunesen’s coffin in the Lund Cathedral as remembrance of the 15th of June 1219. Due to the legend, the flag fell in the raised arms of the bishop, when he prayed God to help the Danish to win a crusade battle in today’s Estonia.