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Lund voluntary tourist information Destination Lund offers more than online tourist information, we also are part of the International Greeter Association. Greeters are a service providing visitors to experience the city together with a local citizen, which opens up for visitors to find out more about the city. A greeter, who lives in the city, can show their hiking spots, which otherwise can be hard to find for an unfamiliar visitor. The greeter can also show things that is of special interest to the visitors, and a greet always emanates from the visitors wishes. Greets are not guided tours, but focus on small groups, up to 6 persons. Dependent on the visitors wishes, a greet is usually ongoing for 2-3 hours, all for free, it is not even allowed to tip!

The voluntary tourist information Destination Lund's greeters Some of our greeters that show Lund for visitors.

Lund voluntary tourist information Destination Lund is one of the Swedish destinations, part of the International Greeter Association since January 2020. Now (2023) there are 151 destinations representing 43 countries with more than 3 000 greeters worldwide.

Lund Greeters IGA logo Here you will find the page for the Swedish greeter destinations, and here you will find the Lund Greeters webpage at the International Greeter Association were you can book a greet with us.

During 2022, the Lund greeters had visitors from 25 countries; Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China (Hong Kong), Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. Visitors who say they learned a lot about Lund that they didn't know before!

One of the voluntary tourist information Destination Lunds greeters showing Lund

The International Greeter Association core values

All Member destinations and greeters share the following Core Values:

One of the voluntary tourist information Destination Lunds greeters showing Lund

Some feedback from our visitors

Francisca Braga from Portugal:

It was a great way to discover Lund in a more local, cultural way. The greeter's were really friendly and always ready to answer our questions and show us their "home". It was a lovely experience!

Jan Pedersen from Denmark:

We were very pleased with the arrangement. Our greeter has planned a 1½ hour tour in the old town, and he took us places we never would have found ourselves - among that the remaining of the first church in Lund. Our greeter had a huge knowledge of the history of Lund and the told about it in a very inspiring and enthusiastic way. We had a great tour in the old town.

Zsófia Szathmáry from Hungary:

Me and my mother were shown around by two lovely locals in the beautiful town of Lund and we had a great experience. Our greeters were well prepared and enthusiastic about the tour and showing us some hidden gems of the town. They also recommended an excellent lunch spot for us where we went back to. Overall we had a great time and recommend fellow tourists to make use of this fantastic initiative!

Loes Runneboom and Ruben Maris from the Netherlands:

We had a great tour with the luxury of having three guides for at least two or three hours. We think you were all very enthusiastic and kind. We loved all your historical knowledge, the information, details, extra information on students jokes and your personal recommendations for activities and restaurants. After the tour, Lund will forever be more than just a student town or just another city in Sweden.

Beatriz and Estefanía Moreno Amador from Spain:

Thanks a lot for this wonderful walk! My sister and I discovered loads of things about the city and learnt a lot about Swedish culture, and of course about the university students of Lund. Our greeters were very friendly and kindly, answering all our questions. Thanks to them we have a bigger knowledge about the city and the traditions from here. Also, they gave us some tips for improving our experience as visitors. You made it an enjoyable and entertaining walk! :)

One of the voluntary tourist information Destination Lunds greeters showing Lund

Greeters in social media

Many greeter destinations around the world posts pictures from their greets on Facebook and Instagram. Lund greeters also make such posts on our Swedish Facebook page and on our English page in Instagram from time to time. Below, posts from other destinations around the world are shown.