How to travel to and within Lund

We think it should be easy to travel to Lund, so here you will find useful information. We have collected and put together travel information and links to travel companies, independently if you arrive with flight, train, or car.

The old medieval city of Lund is small and cosy at short walking distance. It takes only 15-20 minutes to walk across the whole city centre. The old streets are narrow and there are not so many parking lots. Therefore, it is not so easy to drive in the city centre, and the advice is to avoid bringing the car. But if you are driving, you will find information about parking facilities further down.

[img] The railway Station building from 1859 in Lund.


You will find taxis on both sides of the railway station, at the west och east side of the main building. If you are air traveling from the Malmö Sturup domestic airport, you need to take a taxi to and from Lund, there is no airport shuttle anymore. Many taxi companies offer set prices to the airports, but you must be aware of that taxis practice free pricing in Sweden. So just in case ask for the price on beforehand. You can always prebook a taxi by phone or using the different companies’ apps.

To rent a bike in Lund

Lund is a biking city, not at least due to all students and the short distances in the city. If you want to explore Lund and the environment biking is a nice way. Some hotels provide bikes that the guests can borrow. Otherwise you can rent the public bikes administrated by Lundahoj, or rent a bike at Fridhems bicycle shop.

Train and local busses

Lund railway station Lund railway station is the third most busy in Sweden after Stockholm and Gothenburg. In the ticket machines at the station, you can buy tickets to both long-distance trains as well as local trains and busses. But it is easier to buy tickets in a mobile app and pay with your credit card. More information about the long-distance traffic you will find at SJ's web site and about the local trains and busses at Skånetrafiken's web site.

[Lund railway station] Lund railway station.

Skånetrafiken's app

[image] Skånetrafiken's app. The local company Skånetrafiken has an app where you can buy tickets to the local trains and busses and pay with a credit card. It is easy to use, and if the mobile phone operates in another language than Swedish, it automatically shows the information in English. In this app you also can buy tickets to travel with the Öresund-trains back and forth to Copenhagen airport.

Here you will find this app for Android or iPhone.

A 24-hour ticket is often a god choice

In the app, you can buy a ticket valid for 24 hours. This is often a god choice; it is the same price as two single tickets. With such a ticket, you can jump on and off as much as you like during the valid period and within the ticket zone. You find a map showing the different zones in the app. When you buy a ticket, you choose a suitable zone for your ride that day.

Arriving by air

There are two airports nearby Lund. Copenhagen airport (located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark) is the largest international airport in the Nordic countries. Malmö Airport is the reginal domestic and charter airport.

Malmö Airport

Malmö Airport is located south-east from Lund. There are no trains or busses from Lund to the airport, the airport coaches are only operating from Malmö, so the easiest way to get there is to take a taxi, which takes approximately 35 minutes, or drive on your own. Please be aware of that the taxi business is not regulated in Sweden. You better of prebooking, or at least ask for the price on beforehand. When arriving to Malmö Airport, we recommend that you prebook a taxi, otherwise you sometimes must wait if there are not enough taxis available. Right now (December 2020) a taxi ride from Malmö Airport to Lund is just below 500 SEK. More information can be found at the Malmö Airport web site.

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen airport is the largest international airport in the Nordic countries. The easiest way to go from Lund is by Öresund-train, which takes about 40 minutes, or a taxi which takes about 30 minutes. Occasionally, the trains do not operate properly, and there are problems getting across the bridge, so we recommend that you take a train from Lund about three hours before the check-in close, just to be sure. You can by the tickets in the local company´s app, se information above. Search in the app for departure from "Lund" to "CPH Airport Kastrup" or the other way around.

[Kastrup] The check-in lobby at the Copenhagen Airport.

It is quite expensive to take a taxi across the bride between Denmark and Sweden due to fairly high fees. At the moment (December 2020) taxi ride will cost about 1 100 SEK. Please be aware of that the taxis business is not regulated in Sweden. You better prebook, or at least ask for the price on beforehand. Always choose a Swedish taxi company when going to Sweden, it is much more expensive taking a Danish taxi across the bridge.

You will find more information at the Copenhagen Airport web site.

Arriving by car

As we wrote at the top, it is better to go by train than driving to Lund. The city centre is old with narrow streets, not easy to drive in, and have a limited number of parking lots.

Parking in the centre charge about 20-30 SEK per hour, and if you choose to park in a 10 minutes’ walk distance, about 10 SEK per hour. You will find recent prices and care parks at Lund municipality Parking Company LKP's parking map (information in Swedish) and at the parking company APCOA's web site (information in Swedish).