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Visitor guides about Lund

Lund is the oldest city in nowadays Sweden, and one of the most interesting when it comes to culture and history. Lund was an important Danish city during the medieval times, but has been a part of Sweden since 1658 when Scania became Swedish after a peace settlement in Roskilde. During the first 700 years, Lund was the unofficial capital of Denmark due to its importance as archbishopric. The mix of Danish and Swedish culture and history makes the city an interesting destination. You will find some pictures of Lund on this page, showing a bit of what the city can offer visitors at a glance.

The King's street in Lund The medieval city center as its best a warm and sunny summer day.

The visitor experiences are framed like attractions, walks and biking tours. You guide yourself by using the tour guide, developed as mobile friendly web pages. The guides are an important part of the experience since some of what is described are not easily visible if you do not know about it. All visitor guides are free of charge and contain no commercial.

We also offer greeter service in English for smaller groups up to six persons, totally free of charge. Our tourist information is voluntary nonprofit driven by people living in Lund. You are welcome to contact us about our visitor guides or if there are other questions about visiting Lund. Normally, we have short response times.

Experience the medieval churches in Lund

During the Viking and Middle Ages was Lund an important town for the Church. At the end of the Viking era, around year 1060, there were nine wooden churches and two churches made of stone, and some sort of monastic activity in the city. In 1103, when Lund became an archbishopric for a governorate which included the whole Christianized Scandinavia, even more churches were built. Almost 200 years later, there were 22 churches and four monasteries in Lund. After the reformation, which took place 1536 in Denmark and is seen as the end of the Middle Ages, most of the churches and all monasteries were teared down. Today, only two of those churches still remains, the Cathedral and the Cloister church.

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Lund Cathedral Today, Lund Cathedral is the most visited Cathedral in Sweden.

Experience the Lund University city

Without the University, Lund would not have been this cozy city. The University is one of the largest in the Nordic countries with about 45 000 students and more than 8000 employees. The probably best way to explore the university city of Lund is to visit the activities during April Last and May First.

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Lund is a university city On May First everyone can visit when the students honor the Chancellor on University Plaza in Lund.

Further ways to discover Lund

Today, there is almost 100 000 inhabitants in Lund city, still it is cozy walking around in the small medieval city center with its old blocks, mixed architecture and a lot of cafes and restaurants.

Visitor guides

One of the lovely allotments in Lund There are eighteen allotment areas like this one in Lund, lovely to visit in summer time.