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Destination Lund is a voluntary non-profit tourist agency with the largest amount of tourist information about Lund, the oldest city in nowadays Sweden. The city of Lund was established already in year 964 by the Danish king Harald Bluetooth and his Vikings. Lund was an important and remarkable ecclesiastical city during the medieval time, and archbishopric for the whole Christian Scandinavia. To start with, please read the overview of Lund to get an overview of the most interesting and special about Lund as a visitor destination, or have a look at the visitor guides to see how much there is to experience in Lund. Read more about us and who we are.

The medieval Lund was as an important church town in the Danish Kingdom During the Middle Ages, Lund was an important church town in the Danish Kingdom, and the archbishopric center for Scandinavia.

Let us show you Lund

Destination Lund is a tourist agency that offer greeter service for up to 6 visitors for free, as part of the International Greeter Association. For larger groups, we can support finding a guide, which will be at some expense. Last year, Lund greeters showed the city to visitors from 25 different countries, and until now, we have had visitors from 17 different countries so far.

Let our greeters show you Lund We have greeter service for visitors. Let our greeters show you Lund!

Lund 1060 years in 2024

2024 is a special anniversary year in Lund. It is then 1060 years since Lund was inaugurated by the Danish Viking Harald Bluetooth and his men. It was the nephew of Bluetooth, called Golden-Harald, and some Vikings from the mythical Viking fortress Jomsborg that attacked the southwestern parts of Skåne, probably including Uppåkra, a hedonic large Iron Age settlement. The Vikings were Christian and built the first church at the place that have been the city of Lund since then. There will probably not be any official celebration, but if booking a greet, our greeters can show and tell about the oldest history of Lund.

Lund turns 1060 years in 2024 Helga was an influential woman here in Lund in the 980s. She was the daughter of the ruler in Kiev in Ukraine.

Have dinner at the oldest square in Sweden

There are places in Sweden that everyone wants to experience at least once, like visiting the Three-Country Cairn, which constitute the boarder between Sweden, Norway and Finland, or Sweden’s southernmost location Smygehuk in Skane. Another experience is to have dinner at the oldest square in Sweden. More than 1060 years ago, the place where Lund is located today probably was a hedonic sacrificial grove, maybe the grove (lund in Swedish) that gave the city its name Lund. In that time, 1060 years ago, the place was Christianized by the Danish Vikings, led by the Danish king Harald Bluetooth. They built a church dedicated to saint Clemens just west of the square. Today, the square is somewhat wider and somewhat shorter, but still located at the same place where it was established long time ago. Therefore, you can have dinner at the oldest Swedish square in Lund.

Restaurant Torget's Taperia at the main square in Lund At the restaurant Torgets Taperia, located at the main square, you can eat tapas and home brewed bear at the oldest square in nowadays Sweden.

Our recommendations are not sponsored

We are a non-profit tourist organisation, no one pay or sponsor us or our recommendations about restaurants and other things to do in Lund. We are eager to keep our independency. On questions, we can give recommendations, mainly about those who like what we are doing to increase the tourism to Lund. Then, we can be sure that you as a visitor will get a positive and welcoming response.

Tourist information - Planning your visit in Lund

On the page about travel information you will find useful information when planning a visit to Lund. There is also information about hotels and restaurants, which most can be reached by walking since the distances are short.

On the page about visitor guides about Lund, you find some visitor guides with information about interesting things to do during your visit in Lund. On the page events, you find interesting recurring events in Lund. We are in contact with some guides that offer guided tours on request for larger groups in different languages at some expense. We also offer free greeter service in English or Swedish, aimed at smaller groups of maximum 6 persons. If you have any questions during planning or before your visit to Lund, you are most welcome to contact us.

Our tourist information is mobile friendly, free of charged and advertising. It opens directly in the mobile phone; no app needs to be downloaded. We do not sell anything, even our greeter service is for free. We are a non-profit tourist organisation operated by locals living in Lund.

Mobile friendly visitor guides about Lund without apps

Discover interesting places and attractions in Lund

In Lund, there are many interesting places with fascinating history to discover. Nowadays Lund is an important student city with one of the largest and most popular universities in Sweden. The north east part is one of the largest research areas in northern Europe, still growing with the establishment of European Spallation Source (ESS) and MAX IV, the brightest X-ray source in the world, due to their homepage. With our visitor guides you can guide yourself to discover some interesting places in Lund.

The Main square in Lund, the oldest square in nowadays Sweden Browse these images to see some attractions in Lund. The Main square is more than thousand years old and the oldest square in nowadays Sweden.
The Cathedral in Lund The amazing Cathedral in Lund is the most visited church in Sweden. In 2023 it will be 900 years since the crypt was inaugurated.
The medieval Cloister church in Lund When in Lund, do not miss the beautiful, small medieval Cloister church. The only church in Lund, except the Cathedral, that was not teared down after the Reformation.
The University Building in Lund The University building was inagurated August 27th 1882 by King Oscar II.
Lund’s Student-Singers at the steps of the University main buildning in Lund Lund’s Student-Singers greet Spring on the steps of the University main buildning at May First every year.
A lovely allotment at one of the allotment areas in Lund Try a biking trip to some of the 18 lovely allotment areas in Lund. They are opened for visitors during the summer.
Adelgatan in Lund, one of the beautiful old streets of Lund Take a walk in the old streets of Lund. Experience the small cobblestone streets surrounded by hollyhocks and roses.

Since we are fully voluntary and non-profit, we have not been able to produce so much information in English yet. We do have a page on Instagram were we post photos about Lund now and then with information in English.